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How to operate the automatic copper ball cleaning machine safely?

2021-11-11 07:57:09

        The appearance of the automatic copper ball cleaning machine is relatively large, and it needs professional tools to drag it. Before a developed and designed automatic copper ball cleaning machine is shipped, several masters must be invited to use a crane to drag the equipment out and safely put it on a truck to transport it to its destination. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines are now intelligent. After the equipment is transported to the destination, it needs to be unloaded - assembled - debugged. The engineer can remotely control the debugging process, which also makes the operation much more convenient. In addition, it also improves both sides. work efficiency.

        After the automatic copper ball cleaning machine is installed, in addition to remote debugging, there will be engineers on-site debugging. For example, the sensitivity of the control panel and whether the parameters of each cleaning tank are correct. After these parameters are debugged, the machine can be turned on to preheat. Preheating also takes time. When we are preheated, we can proceed to the next steps. The operator loads the cleaning workpiece into the cleaning basket. Special attention should be paid here to try not to install it too slowly and cause stacking. Because in the cleaning process, the cleaning will not be in place, and there will be no space for cleaning when baking and throwing. Therefore, we recommend that when using a vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machine for cleaning operations, try not to fill the cleaning workpiece too full. Just in the right place. In addition, because the hydrocarbon cleaning equipment is equipped with an active robotic arm, after each station is cleaned, the robotic arm will take the initiative to grab the cleaning basket to the next station. One station is high-temperature vacuum drying, and it is dried in a certain position. Within a certain time, the conveyor belt will send out the washing basket, and the unloader must wear heat-insulating gloves to take out the washing basket, put the washed parts into the corresponding parts frame, and then take them for quality inspection.

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