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What are the common problems of automatic glue filling machine

2021-10-23 08:18:15

With the development of economy, distributors are widely used in electronics industry, lighting industry, automobile industry, industrial electrical, solar photovoltaic, construction engineering and other industries. The common problem of the automatic glue filling machine is the valve problem. The following are the effective methods for dealing with the common problems when using the glue valve:

1. Oral blockage.

Reason: The pinhole of the automatic glue filling machine is not thoroughly cleaned, the impurities are mixed into the chip, the hole is blocked, and the incompatible adhesive is mixed, and the output of the adhesive is small or the adhesive does not come out.

Solution: replace the clean needle, replace the patch with good quality, and the brand number of the patch cannot be mistaken.

2. The rubber valve leaks.

Reason: The diameter of the needle used in the automatic glue filling machine is too small. If the needle is too small, it will affect the bubble removal action of the rubber valve when it starts to use, and it will affect the movement of the liquid and cause back pressure. As a result, the rubber valve will leak soon after it is closed.

Solution: Replacing the large needle can solve this problem. In addition, the air in the liquid will leak after the rubber valve is closed. It is necessary to remove the air in the liquid beforehand, or use rubber that is not easy to contain air bubbles, or use the rubber after centrifugal defoaming.

3. The flow rate is too slow.

Reason: The pipeline of the automatic glue filling machine is too long or too narrow, the air pressure of the nozzle is insufficient, and the dispensing flow rate is too slow.

Solution: Change the distributor pipe from 1/4 to 3/8, the shorter the pipe, the better. In addition, improve the rubber port and air pressure to speed up the flow rate.

4. There are air bubbles in the fluid.

Reason: Excessive fluid pressure and short valve opening time of the distributor may cause air to enter the liquid and generate air bubbles.

Solution: reduce the fluid pressure and use a tapered oblique needle.

5. The size of glue is inconsistent.

Reason: The pressure cylinder and air pressure of the fluid stored in the automatic glue filling machine are not stable, the glue is uneven, and the size is inconsistent.

Solution: Do not put pressure into the low pressure part of the pressure gauge. The operating pressure of the rubber valve should be at least 60psi to ensure the stability of the rubber. When checking the glue, the glue is not stable in less than 15/1000 seconds, and the longer the glue time, the more stable the glue.

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