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A detailed introduction to the four characteristics of high-efficiency fans

2021-10-23 08:18:15

The high-efficiency fan uses a similar law of fluid, that is, the flow rate of the fan is proportional to the speed of the fan, and the pressure of the fan is proportional to the square of the speed. By changing the speed of the primary and secondary motors, the energy saving effect is achieved. Because the pressure of the primary impeller at the inlet end of the counter-cyclone is low, the secondary pressure at the outlet end is higher, and the power consumption is also high, so the number of primary and secondary blades of the fan is different, with more primary and secondary blades, and the secondary blade device Angle is small.

Energy saving fan

High-efficiency fan features:

  1. High efficiency: SFD multi-stage variable speed tunnel construction fans are well-designed and advanced in technology. The blades are designed with ternary fluids, which are wing-twisted, all-steel structure, and adjustable in angle, so the high-efficiency working area of the fan is large. Make the working fan in an efficient working range.

  2. Low noise: The primary and secondary motors of the SFD variable-level multi-speed tunnel construction fan rotate relative to each other, which increases the pressure of the fan and at the same time straightens the direction of air movement, reduces the air friction sound, and the casing is made of porous silencers. The board is added with special sound-absorbing materials, so the working noise of the whole machine is controlled below 85 decibels (less than 35 decibels than the A sound level), and the noise pollution is significantly improved.

  3. Energy saving: The multi-stage variable speed fan can be used at three speeds in tunnel construction: low-speed operation within 600m in the early stage, energy consumption is 1/6 of the total installed power; medium-speed operation within 1500m, energy consumption is 1 of the total installed power /3; The use of high-speed operation over 1500m, one fan is equivalent to the use of three fans of different powers, and the energy saving effect is very significant.

  4. Easy to repair: Because the fan is composed of two-stage non-aluminum blades, the middle part can be separated, which brings convenience for disassembly, repair and blade adjustment.

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