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The advantages of etching technology compared with stamping, laser cutting and other processing processes

2021-10-23 08:18:15

        Etching processing technology is suitable for high-precision, complex shapes and drawings. Compared with other processing methods, it has the following advantages:

        Laser cutting: High-power lasers and advanced optical equipment can effectively cut materials. Some advantages include no direct contact between the tool and the material, limiting the risk of accidental marking and cutting. However, this method is only cost effective for small batch production. Laser cutting is too expensive for mass production and cannot make multiple parts at the same time like photolithography.

        Metal Stamping: Inserting flat metal into a stamping machine. It is then formed into the desired shape over the tool and die surfaces. Although these things are useful in relation to miniaturization, they are relatively expensive. However, even compared to microimprinting, chemical etching is very accurate, less expensive and less time-consuming. After stamping, it may take 6 to 8 weeks to prepare the mold. 1 Able to create photo-etched molds in hours.

         CNC Machining: Stuff related to computer numerical control machining requires a lot of investment. Small batch production is not cost effective, and even in batch production, the long-term cost (production and maintenance) is higher than chemical etching. Photochemical machining produces thousands of parts without additional tools.

        Water jet: High pressure water jet, sometimes mixed with abrasives, can cut through various types of materials, including metals, when focused into a narrow beam. High operating costs. In comparison, chemical etching is a more affordable option in prototyping, low-volume or high-volume production.

        Etching not only makes precision metal parts accurate and cost-effective, but it is also increasingly flexible. Compared to other methods that require expensive modifications to make small changes, there is a lot more planning flexibility. A company may only have to pay a few hundred dollars for a planning change without a significant increase in delivery time. This makes the etching process ideal for prototyping and mass production.

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