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The ink core tells you how often you should maintain the cleaning machine

2021-11-11 07:57:09

        We all know that after a new car is bought, it needs to be maintained after a certain mileage; mechanical watches also need maintenance after a period of time; human hair and skin are inseparable from maintenance, because maintenance can delay aging, electrical appliances , Motor vehicle maintenance can extend the service life. The industrial copper ball cleaning machine is no exception. We encountered some customers who purchased the cleaning equipment and did not maintain it once for four or five years. In the early stage of the relocation, we also had a commissioner reminding it to change to the maintenance period, but customers did not It is absolutely impossible to think that we are trying to keep making their money without taking maintenance to heart. Because, on a fixed date every year, the after-sales specialist will notify the customer to do the maintenance of the cleaning equipment. It is better to do it, and it does not matter if it is not done, but it is not so silky when using the copper ball cleaning machine.

        It is gratifying that most customers will take the initiative to ask us to provide maintenance services for the copper ball cleaning machine. It is conceivable that our knowledge of equipment maintenance is gradually increasing. The service life can be extended by more than 3-5 years, and even more than 10 years. The maintenance and nursing costs incurred by the problems behind the copper ball cleaning equipment that have never been maintained can be quite a lot. After such a comparison, do it regularly. Maintenance can also save a lot of money. Now the editor will talk to us about how we generally maintain and protect the copper ball cleaning machine. There are two main aspects, one is the operation habits of the customer when the cleaning equipment is transported to the customer's factory; the other is the oil change maintenance done by the maintenance specialist for the cleaning equipment. Let's first talk about the former kind of good operating habits: when operators use machinery and equipment, they should keep in mind not to let the equipment run continuously for a long time. When the equipment runs continuously for more than 120 minutes, the machine can be turned off and let The device rests for about 30 minutes. People need to rest when they work continuously, let alone machines. The core principle of this is to prevent the vibrator from being damaged.

        Also pay attention to hygiene. When cleaning parts, the cleaning tank should be cleaned in time, especially when the copper ball cleaning machine is not used for more than a week, and the residual liquid in the cleaning tank should be sorted quickly, so that It can prevent the cleaning agent from corroding the tank body. Although the tank body of the cleaning machine we made is relatively corrosion-resistant, it is still necessary to start with good habits, and regular cleaning is still necessary. And don't dry it. It can't be considered that a lot of water is not needed because of the small size of the workpiece. If only a little water is placed in the cleaning tank, the tank body may be burned through. This situation can be prevented. After the factory, we will have special safety operation training, and will also give operators regular technical training.

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