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Why choose a fully automatic grinding machine

2021-10-23 08:18:15

        The automatic grinding machine can grind and polish some small and medium-sized workpieces, remove the burrs of the workpiece, and polish without damaging the original size and shape of the product. The use of automatic oscillating grinding machine can improve the surface finish and flatness of the workpiece, which greatly improves the work efficiency and profit of the enterprise. At the same time, it complements the artificial polishing.

            After turning on the machine to add abrasives, put the workpiece into the machine from less to more, and gradually add it until the workpiece rotates slowly, but the workpiece cannot be stationary. When the workpiece does not rotate, the polished product will be uneven, and the polishing time will be uneven. It will also be lengthened unnecessarily, and the amount of workpieces placed and the weight of the workpieces are related to the volume of the workpieces and the ratio of grinding materials.

  Before polishing, the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned of grease. The polishing solution cannot remove a lot of grease, otherwise the workpiece, polishing machine, and abrasives may become black. It is necessary to use cleaning fluid when cleaning the grinder

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