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MQ-201 Automatic Slice Grinding Machine

MQ-201 Automatic Slice Grinding Machine

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Product Name: MQ-201 Automatic Slice Grinding Machine

PCB Slicing Grinder

product description:

PCB Slicing Grinder. The machine is durable and easy to maintain. It only needs to replace the grinding disc or throwing disc when using it, and it can complete various procedures such as rough grinding, fine grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding and polishing of various samples. According to the preparation requirements, the diameters of the grinding and throwing discs are larger than those of similar domestic products. There are more choices of different linear speeds on the working surface, which can increase the effective working surface by 20-30%, which can improve the grinding and polishing quality of the sample and the preparation efficiency of the sample. A full-featured PCB grinding equipment.


1. Simple operation: The equipment adopts PLC intelligent control system with a high degree of automation.

2. Independent collets: ensure that each collet can rotate independently to avoid collision between work and improve production efficiency.

3. The equipment has high efficiency and stable performance: the operation rule and time of the equipment can be set, and the polishing of a product can be completed in 3-5 seconds.

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