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Automatic hemming machine

Automatic hemming machine

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Product name: Automatic hemming machine

Automatic hemming machine

Company Profile:

Ink Core Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and service of non-standard automation equipment in the PCB industry, as well as accessories and maintenance services for PCB equipment. Since its establishment, relying on the strong research and development capabilities of the team, the company has adhered to the development concept of "scientific and technological innovation, industry rejuvenation", developed corresponding automation equipment according to the actual problems concerned by the industry, and has applied for a number of technologies to continuously improve the PCB industry. Smart manufacturing technology has contributed its own strength.

product description:

The automatic hemming machine has a unique cam transmission mechanism, which makes the machine performance stable and reliable, improves the production efficiency, reduces the friction of the product, and makes the appearance of the product more smooth and beautiful. After pre-pressing, wrapping both sides, pressing the corner, wrapping the front and rear edges, and leveling, the wrapping is automatically realized. Not only high precision and high speed, but also beautiful corners and strong edges.


1. Through shaft rotation, stable and brisk: reduce the torque of the whole machine, stable operation, brisk sewing, lower noise and vibration.

2. One-key restoration, worry-free operation: It can be restored to the self-set parameters and factory parameters as needed, and the operation is portable.

3. Intelligent identification, refusing to be cumbersome: it can be automatically identified when the light changes or the fabric is changed, and there is no need to enter the internal adjustment parameters.


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